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COMING SOON – Equine Assessment Video

COMING SOON – Equine Assessment Video

This video will help you when shopping for a horse regardless if it is one you are purchasing as an investment or show partner, or one you are selecting from a rescue, rehab, or equine adoption agency.

There is a valid concern and a worry among horse shoppers, or newcomers to the horse industry, about choosing to adopt a horse over purchasing a suitable partner from a reputable Breeder.  Horses who have been let down, neglected, abandoned or abused by their humans have baggage that may be hard to determine.  They can have physical or temperament issues that will need to be factored into the decision making process.  How can you sift through these issues to determine if there may be a suitable partner underneath the situation a horse in transition might be in?

The Horses without Humans  Assessment Video is designed to help you navigate through that process.  There are MANY diamonds in the rough out there and we want you to be able to find one of them. There is a horse out there who is perfectly suited to your situation and needs. Our trained staff, will make all efforts to be available, when, and if, at all possible, to answer any questions, or to screen video, and offer advice as you search for your new partner.

Here is a fact that may help.  Almost all horses who end up needing a new human to care for them were once the horses you might have sought out from those same breeders or trainers at some point in their lives.  They fell off the map of credibility through no doing of their own.  They ended up in their current position because somewhere along the line their human could not, or would not, care for them anymore.  They were lost, without a voice of their own, or a chance to make a decision that might benefit them, either short, or long term.

This video will cover…

First actions

Personal evaluation and situation assessment.  Do you understand what it means to take responsibility for a horse, how to evaluate yourself as a rider or horse handler?  Can you determine what type of personality might best suit your situation?  Do you have resources to fund this endeavor?  Acquiring an equine partner, especially one from an uncertain background, can be an emotional decision, we want you also to apply logic and reason to your decision making process.

Here are things you must know:


Where and how to look for your partner.

Health First.  How to determine what obvious medical care might be needed and if a vet needs to be called into the picture.

Personality assessment.  How might you know what temperament your horse has and if it is one you can safely deal with and handle. How energy and intelligence factor into a horses trainability.

Training, how to determine your prospects prior education or aptitude for your intended purpose.

Continuing education will also be available online with a free lifetime membership to KYB Connected for anyone who donates 500 or more dollars to Horses without Humans or rescues or adopts a horse through one of their programs.   KYB Connected is an online education center with hundreds of hours of lessons, and series, on everything from ground control and trick training, to problem solving, or starting lead changes.  Horses without Humans will also offer ongoing Regional and National clinics and seminars.

 Awareness, Education, Training, Action.

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