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Casper’s Story

Casper’s Story

This is my story on my American Saddlebred Gelding:

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Casper “Amber’s Spooky Guy” came off of a kill buyers truck in 1994. He didn’t want him because he was “wild” and difficult.  So much so that nobody could touch him in the stall and he needed a rope hanging off his halter. Casper was wild because he had been started in a show barn where they threw fire works at him and hit his stall with brooms to get him to “ear up”.  This made him crazy and even the trainer couldn’t ride him, Casper actually broke his arm by slamming him up against the wall when he was under saddle.  It took him 6 months to trot because all he wanted to do was walk or canter.  He wound up being the love of my life until he was 27. We showed, trail rode, and drove … but his favorite thing was teaching little kids how to ride. Casper needed a kind hand and patience. He was gorgeous but wasn’t going to ever be a World Champion because of his physical limitations.  Every time I rode him he ALWAYS gave me a hard time about something, either spooking (look at his name) or shaking his head in mild protest. One of the most trust worthy, safe horses (once he was rehabbed) until the day he died in 2015.

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