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Harvey’s Story

Harvey’s Story

Meet Harvey a 2 year old warmblood cross that was sent to auction and found himself in a kill pen. He was started under saddle and had great ground manners, so they tried to find him a home before being sent to slaughter. Well as many of you know, horses are talented and he managed to get hurt badly. His leg lacerations were so bad he was pulled form the page and was put in a direct ship. Not sure why me but the girl that tries to find purpose for these horses people throwaway sent me a message. I have never purchased a kill pen horse. After talking to her, I weighed my options and passed on him. After a sleepless night I sent her a message back saying I would take him. At the point the lot owner wanted money for him. So I had to purchase him. I sent the vet to see him and the vet advised me to pass on the horse he was too bad. After talking to the vet and giving him my history with wound care, he thought the horse might have a chance. So I took the risk and brought Harvey home. He still has months of healing left but he is doing amazing.

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