One horse at a time, and one after another.

We are excited to host Vicki Wilson at Rock Bluff Ranch in April 2018.

Sore horses are limited to 8 to 10. No number limit for attendees.

Vicki will begin with an introduction to her horse philosophy and how to get the most out of the clinic. After this, the clinic gets practical and hands-on, as she works through the issues that each horse presents. Discussion topics include teeth management, foot balance, the importance of saddle fit, sheath cleaning, massage and some basic techniques that people can take home with them. Where possible, Vicki tries to ride each horse before and after treatment, explaining what she’s feeling and how one can correct some of these issues at home.

Cost: Horse attending clinic (including two owners or attendees) $790 each

Other attendees – $390

Children under 12 are welcome to join parents for free.

If you would like to participate with your horse in the clinic, please fill out this application. Note: there is a $30/day stall fee in addition to the clinic fee.

Link to application form: USA Clinic Registration

Please return your application forms to