One horse at a time, and one after another.

Kim and Yvonne Barteau of KYB Dressage have a longstanding credibility within the equine industry. Kim Barteau was Head Trainer for over 10 years at the world famous Arabian Nights Dinner Theater in Orlando, FL. Yvonne Barteau was the Principle Trainer and Director of Entertainment Operations for 5 years at Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre.

Collectively they have trained over a dozen horses to the Grand Prix level in dressage. Horses and riders trained by KYB Dressage have won over 100 USDF Regional titles and over 200 USDF Horse of the Year and All-Breeds Awards.

    • The most winning horse in USDF history, GP Raymeister
      Trainers of the most winning Young Rider in USDF history, Kassie Barteau
      Trainers of over 60 horses to the FEI level of competition
      Qualified 2 horses for FEI Young Horse World Championships

Yvonne’s accomplishments:

    • Highest “5 star” ranking for riders on Centerline Scores
      USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist as well as earning Bronze, Silver, and Gold Freestyle bars
      Authored two books; The award-winning Ride the Right Horse through Storey Publishing in 2007 and the Dressage Horse Manifesto through Trafalgar in 2016

The KYB Equine Theatre production company has performed all over the United States, including:

    • The TODAY Show
      Equine Affaire
      The Denver Stock Show

The KYB Production company Dream Upon a Horse Studios has produced 4 award winning films:

      • ‘Affair of the Heart’, relationships between horses and their people
        ‘Dream Upon a Horse’, a fun film capturing a nighttime theater experience
        ‘Into the Spotlight’, the journey of an equine theatre horse

In 2017, KYB Dressage captured 3-for-3 with their entries in the Equus Film Festival:

        • ‘Into the Spotlight: The Journey of an Equine Theater Horse’ won Best Feature Documentary
          The Dressage Horse Manifesto won Best Educational Book
          ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ on horseback won Best Art Film