One horse at a time, and one after another.

Alise Carrico has been an avid horse lover her entire life.  She started riding around seven years of age and competed on both the Hunter and Jumper circuits locally and in both Wellington and on the Desert Circuit during the winter months.  After twenty years, she quit riding horses and became a founder of Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus, a founder of A&S Pit Bull Rescue, and an experienced temperament tester for Recyled Rotts.  When not rescuing homeless animals, Alise spent the rest of her time competing on the dog agility circuit with her two talented Border Collies, Keegan and Jockey.

After almost two decades away from the horse world, Alise has recently returned with a BANG!  She now owns a beautiful black first-level mare, Ponyo, and a coming-Grand-Prix competitor, Carera.  She stables both of these horses at KYB Dressage in Bell, Florida with Kim and Yvonne Barteau.
She is the “behind-the-scenes” volunteer for Horses Without Humans and is very happy to answer any questions at