Prince Charming – Coming Soon

Name: Prince Charming
Breed: Miniature donkey
Age: approx. 3 years
Gender: Gelding
Training level: learning to be halter broke
Location: quarantine in Peabody, KS
Date of last update: 5/05/18
Prince Charming (PC) is everything a miniature donkey should be… affectionate, interactive, sweet and STUBBORN!  His foster parents adore him!  But, sadly, we found PC in a kill pen in Kansas scheduled to head to Mexico to be slaughtered.  HWH knew that we could re-home such an adorable boy so we made plans to rescue him.  He is currently in QT in Kansas and will be shipping to HWH’s farm in Bell, FL soon.  Check back for more updates!
If you are interested in learning more about PC, please email Yvonne Barteau at