Shadow – ON HOLD


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Name: Shadow | ON HOLD
Breed: Halflinger
Age: Approx. 15 years
Gender: Currently a stallion
Training level: Previous owner claims he was ridden
Location: Bell, FL
Date of last update: 2/16/18
Shadow is a member of “The Sub-Zero Six” who were turned over to HWH after their owner was evicted from her home. Shadow and his pasture-mates had been living in horrible conditions where they were living in sub-zero weather conditions without proper shelter and with NO access to water. After these horses broke free and were running at large, the owner ended up catching them and actually locked Shadow in a trailer with no water for three days. Under HWH’s care, he actually drank three full buckets!
Currently, Shadow is undergoing ground work and learning basic grooming manners.  His previous owner claims that he has been ridden, but HWH has not attempted to do so yet.  Check back for more updates!
If you are interested in learning more about Shadow, please email Yvonne Barteau at