When there is a piano to be moved…don’t reach for the stool!

This has always been one of my favorite sayings. I heard it from my Granny when I was a girl and it stuck with me all my life. I always want to grab the piano. I am surprised by those who reach for the stool, the sheet music, or feel no obligation to help at all.
I don’t know why that is. Why people see a problem and don’t step up and step forward. I wonder about it a lot. My granny also told me not to preach unless I was in a church and people showed up to hear my particular sermon. So I try not to. But once in a while my sermon overflows.

If you lead by example and people ignore it…well then what? Carry on, I say. If you need help and there is no one specific to ask just put the problem out into the universe. So I do. I believe God has a way of putting the people in our path who will help us if we learn to watch for them. So I watch and sure enough people I might never have met are all of a sudden in our lives and I know better days are coming.

The souls I want to save are four legged. They have hooves a mane and a tail. They have made me who I am and literally carried me for most of my life’s journey. I owe the horses who shaped me but then I owe the rest of the equine world as well. Any animal capable of competing at the Olympic level as an athlete should never be in jeopardy of shipping across our borders to an unthinkable ending. However, 140k forsaken souls ship every year. They are the product of an irresponsible nation.

It is the horse lovers of America who have caused this problem. Therefore…we should also fix it.


Educate yourselves. If your life has benefitted from having horses then become familiar with equine welfare statistics in the US and then do something for those with no voice of their own. Many Americans are unaware of the horrors an unwanted horse faces. Many who do know keep their head in the sand on the issue. We cannot do that any longer.

Horses are dependent beings. They have no choice. They rely on people to make good decisions on their behalf. When that does not happen they suffer.

Horses without Humans, our 501c3 not for profit seeks to unite all horse lovers into action as we lead by example. NO HORSE should die a horrific death after days of misery in a kill pen and then a ride to their demise on an over crowded trailer. The horse is a sentient being capable of rich emotions and lasting friendships. They know they have been forsaken. They are terrified, distraught. Many panic as they become aware that only doom awaits them and suffer horrible injuries in the trailer or kill pens. However they have no voice of their own. No way to let their plight be known. Until now. Horses without Humans wants to be their voice and also work towards a solution we can be proud of.

People who breed hors:es, all of you who race, show or trail ride. Folks who make their living in the equine industry in ANY capacity. Goods or services for sale, feed companies, supplement companies, all must hold themselves accountable and do what they can to help horses in need. We owe it to the next generation of horse lovers to lead by example and to do what is right for those with no voice of their own.

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