One horse at a time, and one after another.

Horses have been an integral part of our evolution as humans. Arguably, it could  be said, that the equine species has done far more for us, than we have, for them.

For hundreds of years, horses survived in the wild without human intervention. The American mustang and the Horses of Sable Island are an example of such. The horses of Sable Island are now protected and continue to live free and unfettered in the wild off the eastern Canadian coast.  The Mustangs of America are not allowed to be shipped for slaughter anymore, but their freedom has been taken from them. Many live their lives in holding pens waiting for adoption.

However… there are other horses out there, thousands in fact, whose owners or people have forsaken or given up on them.  Approximately 140,000 horses in the United States are shipped over Canadian and Mexican borders for slaughter each year. Horses without Humans wants to lower that number one horse at a time.  Further, we want to assess and train these individuals so they are a legitimate option for those wishing to purchase a horse.

The possible “Cinderella Stories” we all love to read about, are being loaded  into horse trailers right now, heading to an undignified and unspeakable end.   Many of these horses are the victims of the very humans who they put their trust in.  Hard times can make horse ownership an unnecessary indulgence.  Horses Without Humans want to intervene, and find the horses who need a human.  We want to  give them  a chance at their own… happy ending.  Maybe they will become a companion, or cherished first horse, introducing the next generation of equine enthusiasts, and horse lovers, to come forward.  Maybe some of them  will go on to stardom, as an equine performer, for theater, or in the show ring. When all a doomed horse needs, is a Human, we want to be there.

Horses are dependent on the people in their lives to make good choices on their behalf.  When these choices put them in harms way, Horses without Humans wants to help.  However we can, whenever we can.  If I can, and when there is need, I will rally a call to action.  My hope is that all who love, or benefit, from horses in their lives, should answer this call.

My name is Yvonne Barteau and I am a lifetime horse trainer, but firstly, a horse lover.  The equine industry has been good to me and now it is my turn to help.  I am going to do so.  To the best of my resources and abilities.  My first initiative will be to design an instructional assessment video which can be used to evaluate any horse regardless if it is a hundred thousand dollar import, or one saved from a slaughter truck.   The Horses who need Humans who come into our program will be assessed by people who have a lifetime of experience, love of the horse, and hours of dedicated efforts  behind them.  Horses without Humans wants to create a network with any and all other organizations that are like minded in their purpose to end horse slaughter.  When it is time for a horses life to end, the word slaughter should not be associated with it.

My hope is that others who love and want to change how horses in transition are viewed, trained, and represented will join in our efforts to be the change we want to see in the industry one horse at a time and one after another!

We will start with a few “Horses who need Humans” and evaluate, train, and re purpose these horses, into suitable equine partners.  We will stay available, after each pairing and be available for online help on a continuing basis with a complimentary membership to our KYB Connected learning environment.  We want to create a community where people shopping for horses who are in transition, are rewarded with proper  assessment techniques, as well as ongoing training help. We want to help suitable horses and caring horse lovers …find each other.

Further, we hope to network with other organizations in the equine industry, so that by combining our shared talents, we can create a streamlined community of professionals.  People who can find,  assess, re purpose, market, and train, future horse and rider pairings. We hope to encourage other like minded individuals willing to help, in whatever way they can.  Feed companies, shipping companies, volunteers, and all helpful hands, will be welcomed and put to good use.  When people of a common goal and passion unite together astonishing things are possible.

Please contact us if you would like to help.  We need as many humans as possible to help the horses who don’t have one to intervene on their behalf!