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Partner with Horses Without Humans

Partner with Horses Without Humans

What we are doing now?

We are continuously raising awareness, gaining critical knowledge, and making necessary connections with like-minded individuals. We strive daily to increase our network and build our resources to a robust, nationwide group ready to take action at a moments notice or humbly provide daily care to our rescues in need. Our three Ambassador horses “Coraline”, “Dargon”, and “Indy” serve as real-life connections for humans who want to help and horses who have been forgotten. While our vision is to rescue, treat, foster, train, and re-home discarded horses, these three souls will remain at Horses Without Humans for the remainder of their lives.
In addition to our ambassadors, we home 9 abandoned horses, many of whom accomplished great things in their lifetime and were sadly deemed “useless” as they grew older. We, as horse lovers, know first hand that a horses usefulness and value cannot be marked by any human standard. We can’t wait to share what each rescue both learns and teaches in this new chapter of their lives.

How Can I help and or donate?

Help from you can come in many ways:

Donate: No amount is too little (or too great) to contribute and all donations are tax deductible. Every penny donated to Horses Without Humans is used to its fullest potential to sustain our program. Updates will be posted often, so check our website and Facebook page to see your generous donation at work! Click here to make a donation now.

Volunteer: We are actively seeking working students at both our Maple Park, IL location and our Bell, FL location. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help in the care and retraining of horses at risk, please fill out our contact form .

Foster/Adopt: We are looking for partners to offer both short-term and long-term fostering for horses in need. As our equine friends graduate from our program we will be looking to partner with advocates who want to offer lifetime homes for them.

Spread the word: If you are unable to commit at this time but want to help, please consider being an advocate for our cause. Like us and share our updates on Facebook, join KYB Connected for just $55/year (all proceeds go to HWH). Give “Into The Spotlight” I and II movies as gifts to horse lovers in your life. Share your stories with us. We love rescue stories!  Most importantly, speak up when you see or hear of an at risk horse. Be their voice. Be the change.

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