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Horses have been an integral part of our evolution as humans. Arguably, it could  be said, that the equine species has done far more for us, than we have, for them.

For hundreds of years, horses survived in the wild without human intervention. The American mustang and the Horses of Sable Island are an example of such. The horses of Sable Island are now protected and continue to live free and unfettered in the wild off the eastern Canadian coast.  The Mustangs of America are not allowed to be shipped for slaughter anymore, but their freedom has been taken from them. Many live their lives in holding pens waiting for adoption.

There are other horses out there, thousands in fact, whose owners or people have forsaken or given up on them. Approximately 140,000 horses in the United States are shipped over Canadian and Mexican borders for slaughter each year. Horses without Humans wants to lower that number one horse at a time. Further, we want to assess and train these individuals so they are a legitimate option for those wishing to purchase a horse.

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