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5 months ago

We are so fortunate to have Ariana Sakaris Equestrian Development working with us this winter.

5 months ago

We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to Robert Lewis and Debi Marly from Southern Restorations and Design in Bell. Robert and Deb generously donated a new shop vac for the Rescue barn and ... See more

5 months ago

BUBBA NEEDS A HOME! Bubba is a very sweet senior horse. He was brought in about a month ago with skin infections, extremely under weight and in dire need of hoof care. We are happy to say that he ... See more

5 months ago

Would you consider taking one or both of these sweet senior beauties into your family?
Both Dazzle and Blondie are saddlebred mares. They arrived recently ... See more

5 months ago

I checked in on January today. Made some adjustments to her feedin schedule as far as amount and added more dry senior( which she loves) to her feed.
We are also going to start her on some ulcer ... See more

5 months ago

Good morning everyone!

This is a sincere thank you from me to all of you out there. I have a successful rescue largely because of all of you. Horses are saved, cared for, get second chances, and ... See more

5 months ago

Hi All! The rescue is in need of a wet/dry shop vac. We have added one to our amazon wish list but we would be happy with a used one in working order. We are not picky on brand or size!

Do you ... See more

5 months ago

IT’S OFFICIAL!! We are the recipients of a $10,000 advertising campaign from WIND-FM and 93.7 K COUNTRY!!! Thanks to all of you, we will now have a platform to help to educate the general ... See more

5 months ago

ADOPTION UPDATE: Gidget goes to school. HWH Alumni, Gidget has begun ground driving lessons with Camber and Jenny. Gidget was a favorite here on the farm, but she was a one woman horse. Gidget fell ... See more

5 months ago

Saturday silliness! While several of us from the Rescue are away at a horse show, we caught this video of one of our younger horses taking some R&R. Nonnie is owned by Rose Grant and being ridden by ... See more


“Yvonne brings new energy and perspective to the area of at-risk horses.  Her talent with, and focus on, the retraining of horses for smooth transitions into their next career will help assure more good horses find good homes.”
Dr. Emily Weiss, Ph.D. CAAB

Vice President of Equine Welfare Policy, Response & Engagement, ASPCA

“Yvonne Barteau and Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization are a powerful voice working to transform the landscape for horses in transition. By providing compassionate rehabilitation, elite professional training, and thoughtful placement, they are giving good horses another chance and shattering the stigma attached to adoptable horses. Horses Without Humans is leading the way with positive solutions and we are proud to count them as a Right Horse Initiative partner.”
The Right Horse Initiative

Horses Without Humans


We are a 501c3 organization that takes in horses that have no humans, no voice of their own, and no other options.  We provide the compassion and time it takes to rehabilitate them as well as professional assessment,  medical care, companionship, and professional training with some of the most successful trainers in the equine industry. We provide basic groundwork and the foundations of dressage for all of our adoptable horses thereby giving them balance, understanding, and an exceptional advantage for all disciplines. We are saving these horses by giving them time, education, and the conditioning necessary for them to be the best athletes and partners they can be, and then finding them their humans.


We hope to encourage other like minded individuals willing to help, in whatever way they can.  Feed companies, shipping companies, volunteers, and all helpful hands, will be welcomed and put to good use.  When people of a common goal and passion unite together astonishing things are possible.

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