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Horses Without Humans would not be able to do the things we do without the help of so many friends and financial partners. There are literally thousands of people around the globe who have bought into the vision of HWH and have affirmed their support with one-time or ongoing financial support. Below is a list of partners who we are proud to call friends and supporters of HWH.


Nutrena Horse Feed
Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Supplements
Kool Equine LLC

Gold Medal

Alise Carrico
Larry Schreiber
Heidi Humphries
Danielle Lindner


Jena Findley
Eliana Schmidt
Ben Schwartz
Deborah Tarantino


Tom Davitt
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Chackman
Melissa Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Regis Simile
Fasseas Foundation
Mr. Granat and Ms. Michaels
Ms. Jacqueline Rudman

Friends of HWH

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Bowman
Ms. Eva Blaurock
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Culverhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Gohl
Mr. and Mrs. Abel Jurkowicz
Ms. Michele McGee
Ms. Susan Mathewson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy
Mr. Gary Penrith
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Rea
Mr. Richard Rose and Mrs. Kae Lyn Rose Wroth
Mr. Michael Segal and Ms. Katherine McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. John Shermyen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Siver
Ms. Samantha Spitler
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Widen
Ms. Rebecca Whiting
Ms. Cathy Alexander
Ms. Janice Fortney
Ms. Heather Law
Ms. Charna Watts
Ms. Barbara Smith
Ms. Nancy Yougus
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boksa
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Boksa
Mr. Joe Miller
Ms. Judy Ahrens
Ms. Virginia Morris


Yvonne brings new energy and perspective to the area of at risk horses.  Her talent with, and focus on, the retraining of horses for smooth transitions into their next career will help assure more good horses find good homes.

Dr. Emily Weiss, Ph.D. CAAB

Vice President of Equine Welfare Policy, Response & Engagement, ASPCA

“Yvonne Barteau and Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization are a powerful voice working to transform the landscape for horses in transition. By providing compassionate rehabilitation, elite professional training, and thoughtful placement, they are giving good horses another chance and shattering the stigma attached to adoptable horses. Horses Without Humans is leading the way with positive solutions and we are proud to count them as a Right Horse Initiative partner.” 

The Right Horse Initiative



Our vision of ensuring every horse without a human is saved and loved is one that requires partners like you. Partner with us today and help make our dream a reality.

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