Training for Humans

Training for


Online Classes

An interactive online class consisting of webinars, instructional videos, and training exercises.  This class works well for people who love horses and want to learn on their own schedule. This class helps with all aspects of horsemanship including dressage, equine exhibitions, exhibition training, ground training, horse care, nutrition, barn management, grooming, and establishing connection and communication with your horse. 
$50 full access per year

Introduction to Horsemanship Class

A three hour hands on class designed for anyone wishing to learn all the basics of horse care and handling. 
$100  per person

Ground Control Class

A 90 minute class for those who are already proficient with basic horse handling and want to learn the steps involved with ground work that leads to longing, long lining, proper riding or Liberty training. Understanding bend, shoulder control and hip control are all handled in these sessions. 
$100 per person

Riding Lessons

45 minute riding lesson on a school horse. Great option for all owners adopting a horse from our program to learn proper seat in the saddle, rein control, steering, and balance. May be on a lunge line or in a  round pen. 
$100 per person with our horse 
$70 per person on your own horse

Dressage Lessons

Covers all aspects of riding, riding through tests, and showing from first level to Grand Prix. You can learn on your horse or start on one of ours. 
$85 per person to start



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