Horses without Humans is relatively new to the world of equine welfare. We recently put our final numbers on paper for the Help a Horse Home Challenge presented by the ASPCA and we were beyond thrilled with our increase in adoptions. All of our team worked long and hard at this ongoing effort, devoting many hours and much energy to those with no voice of their own. We are immensely lucky to have partnered with other organizations who are proving to be the leading edge in equine welfare. They are creating solutions to these age old problems. Those organizations are The Right Horse Initiative, and the ASPCA.

I can say from first hand experience that each of these respective teams are filled with great people. Knowledgeable, hard working and dedicated. All of them. These traits are sure to motivate. Our group here at HWH has been duly inspired by their efforts. We are working on, refining our system of assessment, training and presentation of our adoptables,. We want to inspire that same sort of confidence amongst those who search for an equine partner in our camp. The common theme amongst all of the Rescues in the Right Horse Coalition is to promote the very real idea, that adopted horses are a great option, for MANY people.

The Help a Horse Home Contest asked participating rescues to push themselves. To find innovative ways to present awareness and adoption opportunities out into their individual communities… and then beyond. We realize these contests are really about pushing all of us beyond the status quo. Beyond the tried and true, and on into the innovative and the daring. Horses in transition need super heroes. Super heroes in plain clothing.

Some of these heroes look like volunteers. Folks who have a job, schoolwork, or other responsibilities but also a little extra time on their hands. Time they use to lend their support in the form of hours, cleaning, watering, feeding, or tending to Horses who need all of that. Some heroes look like investors as they lend their money, goods or services. Therefore providing supplies, farrier work, and feed, for horses who are dependent on that generosity.

Some heroes look like trainers. Their time Is spent on the ground or in the arena. Hours, days, weeks. Turning that which was discarded or passed over into something that will be sought out and appreciated.

The biggest hero is the person who decides to investigate their ability to adopt an equine partner from a viable rescue organization, thereby freeing space up for another horse to enter that system. Another horse whose days or even hours are numbered because no one has stepped forward to provide that first soft landing.

I am so incredibly proud of the work being done to help Horses in Transition with #righthorse and The ASPCA and it is as rewarding as earning my medals, or scoring a high point award with a favored horse after a satisfying ride.
My team here goes above and beyond and their efforts paid off in the number of successful adoptions we had during just that contest time frame. Of course we plan on carrying on with the same zeal. Much more will be accomplished.

This is only the beginning.


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